A New Face at Mr McCracken!

Mr McCracken anders

If you haven’t already, meet our new (and wonderful) venue manager, Anders!

​Cutting his teeth in Adelaide nightclubs, Anders’ aptitude for hospitality quickly grew into a passion. Using his bartending skills as a vehicle for travel, Anders’ experience has taken him Australia-wide, from the warm waters of Queensland resorts to the snowy apres-ski adventures of Victoria’s high country.

Now, after years of refining his craft, Anders has found his stride at the helm of Essendon’s Mr McCracken. Here his extensive product knowledge and natural state of leadership is flourishing.

Asked what excites him most about Mr McCracken, Anders nods to 2 pillars. The first is our customers. Loyal, supportive and incredibly discerning, Anders is looking forward to making strong connections and using his skills to tailor each experience unique to the individual.

The other pillar is the exciting new addition to the Mr McCracken kitchen – Head Chef Jack Cassidy. Together these two captains of industry are looking to build on the successes of the past and carve out an exciting future for Mr McCracken filled with gastronomy and imbibing!

Anders opens up about the challenges he is excited to tackle in his role as venue manager at Mr McCracken:

“I think the biggest challenge I’m going to face at Mr McCracken would have to be coming out of covid, and being able to adapt to the changes of customers’ spending habits. Especially when it comes to making the decision to come to our venue to spend their hard-earned cash in these trying times with the cost of living continuing to drive upwards. In addition to this, another challenge I know I’ll face is how the pandemic has driven away so many hospitality professionals due to the instability of the workforce over the past 2 years. Therefore, being able to find staff returning to the industry or fresh newcomers coming through, whether it be for their own career development or just as a job to help get them through university, and being able to help mould them into employees that meet the standards that we require.”

We know you’re you going to love Anders just as much as we do! Make sure to stop by and say hello next time you’re in the area.

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