1A Larkin Boulevard, Essendon Fields

Why Essendon Fields is the Best Suburb in Melbourne

As our urban centres sprawl outwards and people move to homes in the suburbs, some areas become more sought after than others. Essendon Fields is quickly becoming one of the most in-demand locations around Melbourne. The 3041 VIC code is conveniently located for travel into the city centre as well as ideal for those who regularly commute with Essendon Airport located nearby. Popular with professionals and families alike, Essendon Fields is quickly becoming equipped with every necessity you could ever want from a suburb. Including the opening of Mr McCracken; soon to become your favourite local spot, we promise!

One of the most important features of any suburb is its transport network. Essendon Fields is within easy reach of the city centre, just 11 kilometres away, using a range of public transport options. Take a bus, hop on a number of trains or take a drive down the M2 for less than half an hour. Its convenient location along with rapid property development for both commercial and domestic real estate has seen Essendon Fields become a newly sought after Melbourne suburb.

The influx of wealth and the development of Essendon Fields Business Park has brought a general air of comfort and contentment to the area. As business owners install themselves in offices conveniently located near their homes, a community is quickly developing in this ever-more sought after North West suburb. Of course, as this happens, even more amenities begin to be opened. Schools are performing better than ever, the shopping is rivalling the city centre and when it comes to meals, you can eat as well in Essendon Fields as you can in Melbourne’s city centre. That is, you can if you come to Mr McCracken…

Newly open in October 2017, Mr McCracken is excited to be a part of this growing, vibrant and exciting community. Whether you’re a business based in Essendon Fields looking for a place to take that important client or you’re keen to treat the family to a nice meal at the weekend, Mr McCracken in the place for you. We’re also excited to be one of the first live music venues in Essendon Fields. Hosting local talent every night of the week and all afternoon at the weekends, we want to put our suburb on the map when it comes to supporting and encouraging up-and-coming new artists.

There’s a reason Hyatt Place hotels chose Essendon Fields Business Park to become their first Australian location and Mr McCracken is proud to be a part of this new venture. Not only is this a fantastic location for locals but we are also looking forward to catering to visitors seeking out the best venues in Melbourne.

Take a look around our website for more information and see what tickles your fancy in our brand new restaurant. We look forward to welcoming you to Mr McCracken in Essendon Fields very soon.

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