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What Truly Matters is on the Inside​

We are making our Essendon Fields restaurant sparkling new and ready to re-open soon. As we get back to some type of normality, I am reflective of the time spent at home, when we were all unable to dine out.

A new challenge I found myself facing was how to cram all my groceries into the fridge. This might be a helpful tip but we do of course encourage you to support your local Essendon Fields Restaurants, Bars and Cafes as soon as possible.

Lockdown Week 1 was where it all began. Feeling motivated to come out healthier and overall a better person, my first grocery shop consisted of all things fresh, large, and awkwardly shaped. Things did not go well.

The usual main contenders ruled the entrance and the celery honestly never made it out the front door. Trying to put a bottle of wine or six pack of beer in the fridge means having to empty a shelf. This whole situation is made so much worse by the fact that in my house, we love to cook, and we love to eat. One would think that this should help our storage problem but as we spent a lot of isolation trying to recreate our favourite restaurant dishes, it most certainly has not. When we were extra bored, we even ‘grade’ each other on restaurant plating and appearance so we kept in practice for when we get back to working at our favourite Essendon Fields Restaurant 
😊 Mr McCracken.

Looking back, there have been some gems coming out of our ‘home’ restaurant but there have also been some blunders, like getting halfway through a recipe and realizing you don’t have the key ingredient.

So, if you are having similar issues or know someone who does, then here are 5 tips on food storage;

1. Do not buy celery.
2. Tropical Fruits prefer the bowl.
3. Avocados are on the sensitive side. My advice is to leave them on the bench until almost ripe and then put them in the fridge – if you remember.
4. If you need to empty an entire shelf to make room for the wine, you are not alone. Side-note, – Always drink great wine!
5. Mr McCracken does the best desserts. It’s worth the wait.

P.S If you are having trouble recreating your Mr McCracken favourite menu in the kitchen, or just generally want to look at food you haven’t made yourself then here’s a tip: head to our website to see a photo of each dish. Check out our Essendon Fields menu here: 

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